Berks United FC was founded in 2019 to promote youth soccer at a premier level.  Our organization shall strongly encourage our beliefs of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, dignity, humility, class and respect.

We will strive to teach and develop the necessary skills for our players and participants to reach the "next level," all while fully realizing that for many of the players that go through this organization, the "next level" for them may very well be LIFE.  Therefore, let it be known that it is the responsibility of our members and coaches to not only teach and train the young individuals that participate in our program to be better players, but more importantly, to be better human beings.


To achieve this objective, Berks United FC will provide supervised programs for its participants in conjunction with the rules and regulations of the local leagues and tournaments in which they participate as well as the official rules of FIFA.

Mission: Berks United FC is a player centered soccer program committed to challenging athletes in an optimal training environment. Inspiring learning, supporting development, and fostering the love of the game!



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